Study Hall Monitor - 2020-2021 School Year

Position Type:
Student Support Services/Study Hall Monitor
Date Posted:
Study Hall Monitor
2020-2021 School Year

Position Purpose
Provide support to the instructional program with specific responsibility for monitoring and reporting student behavior and performance.

Essential Job Functions
  • Promotes good study habits for the purpose of improving the quality of student outcome.
  • Evaluates students during the course of the day for the purpose of taking action and/ or providing referral for resolution.
  • Maintains a record of accountability for student activities during class time for the purpose of reporting if the student(s) are not making good use of time.
  • Responds to emergency situations (e.g. injured student, fights, etc) for the purpose of resolving immediate safety concerns and/ or directing to appropriate personnel for resolution.
  • Reports observations and incidents relating to specific students (e.g. accidents, fights, inappropriate social behavior, violations of rules, safety conditions, etc.) for the purpose of communicating information to appropriate instructional and/or administrative personnel.

Use standard office equipment such as personal computers, printer, copier and fax machines, calculator, and telephone.

Pay Rates
$11.37 per hour.

Work Schedule
182 days per year.
7.5 hours per day.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
  • Effective classroom management skills.
  • Providing an environment conducive for learning.
  • Be receptive to guidance on job responsibilities.
  • Work in a positive and calming manner with students.
  • Work in a professional manner with all staff and students.
  • Be on time to work and to each assigned class.
  • Ability to communicate well with others.
  • Communicate any absences with the Assistant Principal.
  • Ability to maintain order.
  • Ability to be flexible.
  • Ability to work with limited supervision.
  • Supervising knowledge and skills.

Physical and Mental Demands, Work Hazards

Seldom = Less than 25% Occasional = 26 to 50% Often = 51 to 75% Very Frequent = Greater than 75%

Physical Requirement
Percentage of Time

Ability to stand for extended periods of time.

Ability to lift 25 pounds.

Ability to carry 25 pounds.

Ability to work at a desk, conference table or in meetings of various configurations.

Ability to see for the purpose of reading laws and codes, rules and policies and other printed matter.
Very Frequent

Ability to communicate so others will be able to clearly understand a normal conversation.
Very Frequent

Ability to operate job-related equipment.
Very Frequent

Ability to reach in all directions.
Very Frequent

License/ Registration/ Certification
  • N/A

  • High School Diploma or GED.

  • Previous experience is preferred.

FLSA Status: Non-Exempt
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