Clinical Practice Plan Rep

Assures patients understand their financial obligation to pay for medical services rendered; obtains all necessary information and enters it into the billing system for timely and accurate billing and collection.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Registers/re-registers patients
    • Demonstrates good judgment when reviewing registration forms for completeness and accuracy
    • Consistently reviews registration information according to CPP policies and procedures
    • Seeks assistance from CPP Coordinators when problems arise during the registration process
    • Performs additional tasks required to successfully complete registration
    • Maintains a polite attitude when assisting patients or guarantors in completing the registration forms and reviewing insurance information.
  • Verifies insurance coverage for elective surgeries, high dollar services and patients with on-going courses of treatment.
    • Verifies insurance coverage on a timely basis when appropriate;
    • Arranges for adequate blocks of time to perform insurance verification;
    • Notifies patient and arranges for alternative payment methods when insurance coverage did not cover services course of treatment.
  • Collects point of service payments, as appropriate.
    • Requests payments from patients and guarantors where appropriate;
    • Demonstrates good judgment when explaining physician or department’s policy for point of service payments;
    • Assists patients or guarantors in answering their questions;
    • Maintains good relationship among the physicians, patients, and guarantors.
  • Prepares batches and performs data entry for charges, registration information and payment information.
    • Arranges for adequate blocks of time to perform data entry;
    • Uses knowledge of the IDX system when entering information concerning registration, charge entry and point of service payments;
    • Notifies CPP Coordinators when there are problems associated with preparing batches on a daily basis and entering information before the close of the business day;
    • Performs data entry on a daily basis.
  • Functions as a financial counselor and arranges budget plans in accordance with CPP criteria.
    • Conducts oneself in a professional manner and speaks to patients and guarantors in a courteous fashion;
    • Assists patients or guarantors in answering any questions
    • Uses good judgment when arranging budget plans in accordance with CPP criteria;
    • Obtains approval from Business Office Account Representative Supervisor regarding expectations to standard budget plan policies.
  • Performs point of service account follow-up for all outpatients seen in area including reviewing account balances, discussing outstanding balances and requesting payment/insurance information and entering payments, as appropriate.
  • Performs related duties, as required.

  • High School Diploma or equivalent, required.
  • Prior experience with accounts receivable or related area, required. Keypunch/ data entry experience, required. Experience with managed care, record keeping, bookkeeping, and typing, preferred.
  • Ability to communicate effectively.
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